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Holiday CardMaking for a Cause

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On Friday afternoon, I hosted a very small kids holiday celebration to make some Christmas Cards. When the idea originated, I asked my daughter, Molly, if she wanted to make cards for U.S. Troops overseas or the elderly without their families in nursing homes. As Molly is six, this prompted discussions on what these subject matters are. Quite interesting topics of conversation to have with a young one! Molly couldn’t decide which cause to support more, so she asked her friends to choose. Our little guests came prepped and ready from their parents which cause they wanted...

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards - image

If you send holiday cards, you also know it’s quite a production. From getting the right family photo, shopping multiple stationery sites for the best deals, selecting the right design, crafting the right message, managing your address list, addressing the envelopes and getting them stamped and out the door—- phew! It’s a lot of work. Not something that you just whip together easily!